The US warned Putin about the possible consequences of using nuclear weapons

Blinken spoke about the situation in Ukraine and the threat of Russia using nuclear weapons.

– We communicated it very clearly and directly to the Russians, especially to President Putin. We are concerned, he said.

US administration officials said Russia had been warned at the highest level against using nuclear weapons during its invasion of Ukraine, but Blinken’s comments were the first clear confirmation that the message had been sent to Putin, CNN notes.

The head of US diplomacy reiterated that the US is following the Kremlin’s nuclear threats, but there is “no reason to change our nuclear stance”. The US secretary of state did not say when and in what form Putin was told about the possible consequences of using Russia. Nuclear weapons.

The US diplomatic chief assured Ukraine that the US would continue to support Ukraine, stressing that it was important and necessary for Washington and its allies to “stand with Ukraine”.

insisted that Russian accusations that Ukraine is making a “dirty bomb” are baseless. “The reason this particular allegation raises some concerns is that Russia has had experience accusing others of doing something they themselves did or thought they did,” he added.

He added that the US is in direct contact with the Russians “about trying to use this false accusation as a pretext for any escalation”.

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