The three zodiac signs with raw horoscopes on Friday 6 May 2022

Today may be a wild ride through the fields of ego, as we seem to offend everyone we come into contact with. Since we have the Sun sextile Moon, today we are big, bold, and aggressive – our goal is real and we want to do good things for both ourselves and those around us, however, we can’t quite get down that road.

And it would be because of the cosmic “coincidence” that the three-dimensional moon of Mars and Neptune’s Moon Trinity balance the goodness of that sun that the moon passes through. In other words, a good deed does not go unpunished on this day.

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It also means that if you are a good doer, you will be slapped hard and put in your shoes.

And while it won’t make sense to you, since you’re just trying to be a nice person, you’ll end up feeling cheated for your efforts and irritated by the way things don’t go as planned. Arg!

So today there are hostile forces intent on making those who try to be positive feel ineffective and useless.

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