The Russians engraved their own identity. Added such comment – o2

The Russian military continues to attack Ukraine. In some occupied territories, the Kremlin established toy authorities controlled from above. The Russians are trying to regulate these areas by introducing their own currency in Ukraine.

In Melitopol, southern Ukraine, the occupiers have been using the ruble in cash transactions since May 1. New officials are also changing the names of separate streets. Old billboards with the names of some places are also missing.

The Russians came up with an information board. “Always in Russia”

On Saturday, May 28, social media circulated a video of two Russian soldiers changing their identities as they entered Melidopol in the Saporizia region. The old white palette was simply painted with blue paint.

One of the soldiers goes beyond that sign. Another stands on the ground and nails his nails. A woman in plain clothes also came with the Russian soldiers.

The matching plate has the colors of the Russian flag. There is an additional concept in the name of the town.

Melitopol. Always in Russia – a mysterious woman reading the identity from the video.

The Russians came up with a new plaque. Netizens enjoyed it

This post was posted on Twitter by Kevin Rothrock, editor of the independent Russian portal Medusa. Entry was rife with comments mocking the new identity.

It turns out that “always” is too short – wrote one of the users.

You’re provoking fate, guys – added another.

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