The Russians are preparing for an attack on Donbass. Oblast officials have called for the public to be evacuated

The Russians withdrew from Kiev and Chernivtsi and plundered the slain civilians and property. According to preliminary findings, troops retreating to Belarus should support future Russian invasions in other directions, especially in the east.

According to Ukrainian staff, In the coming days, the Russians may attack in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, in the direction of Chevrodonetsk and Velika Novosilky.

Staff also said that some Russian troops would be relocated to the city of Belgorod, about 80 km from Kharkiv.

Pavlo Girilenko, head of the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine, appealed to residents to leave the area.

“The situation is more likely to get worse. It’s obvious

– Added.

– In this case, residents will be one of the most important tools for dealing with enemies and achieving results – said Kyrylenko, quoting the Hromatsky portal.

– That is why people must leave to snatch this tool from the hands of the invaders. It will be much easier for the defenders of the Donetsk region to defeat the enemy – he added

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