The rocket fell on Poland. What happened in Presevo? live

  • – The evidence does not support it – Joe Biden commented on the words of Volodymyr Zelensky. Ukraine’s president initially denied that the missile that fell in the village of Prezevotov was fired by Ukrainian forces.
  • “He doesn’t know what happened this time,” Zelensky said in an interview with Bloomberg. “We don’t know 100 percent,” he said
  • President Andrzej Duda is going to Przemyśl today – officially confirmed by his head of office Paweł Szrot.
  • – Many people in Ukraine feel that their country is accused of something. It is not. They defended their territory – Jakub Gumoch, Head of the Presidential Office for International Affairs, explained in an interview with TVN24
  • Agnieszka Strzępka, spokeswoman for the Lublin Voivode, said the funerals for the victims from Przewodowo will be of a state nature. According to unofficial information, the funeral is scheduled for Saturday
  • Ukrainian media reports on explosions in Kiev. Air defense operations were launched in the region. A wind warning was in effect for 3.5 hours

The rocket fell on Poland

Tuesday afternoon A missile, described as a Russian-made rocket, fell in the village of Przewodow near Hrubieszów (Lubelskie Voivodeship). The Polish Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday night that two Polish citizens died as a result of the incident.

According to unofficial information from the Polish Press Agency, the dead were men aged 60 and 62, who were in the area of ​​a nearby grain drying facility at the time.

The Polish Foreign Ministry confirmed in an official statement that the missile that fell on the Polish border (two missiles were initially reported) was Russian-made. The Kremlin issued its own statement to the report, denying the Polish government’s position. The Russian Defense Ministry called it a “planned provocation to escalate the situation”.

Poland is increasing the readiness of some military units and other uniformed services – said government spokesman Piotr Mueller after a meeting at the National Security Bureau. In turn, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki assured that work is underway to establish the exact circumstances of what happened in Brasov.

Explosion in Presvodovo. New inventions in projectiles

– It is very possible to apply for the implementation of the Polish Ambassador to NATO Art. 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty, said President Andrzej Duda. In turn, according to US President Joe Biden, it is “unlikely” that the missile that hit Presvodovo was launched from Russia.

Citing anonymous sources in the administration in Washington, Biden appeared to confirm preliminary findings reported by the Associated Press. They note that a Ukrainian missile defense missile exploded in Przemyśl, which was fired at a missile from Russia that mistakenly hit Polish territory.

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