The organization is demanding that the stamp be withdrawn

The seal shows a red star, a multi-colored hammer and sickle and the words “Century of the Spanish Communist Party: 1921-2021,” according to the Catholic Information Agency (KAI).

The authors of the protest action pointed out that it was “an organization responsible for hundreds of deaths, especially of Catholics”. In a letter to Postal Director Juan Manuel Serrano, they also noted that thousands of citizens are demanding the return of the stamp. According to the website, the badge “appreciates a murderous ideology”. It pointed out that communism was responsible for “more than 120 million murders”, poverty and human rights abuses, and that Spain itself “sowed crime and terror, caused thousands of deaths and led to civil war”.

Communism in Spain

The portal pointed out that the Spanish post decided to issue the controversial stamp on another anniversary of the beginning of the mass killings in Paracullos de Jarama near Madrid, in order to inflict even greater pain on the victims of PCE terrorism. . In 1936, in the garage of the local city council, more than 5,000 people were killed without trial. People including women and children. Most of the victims were from prisons where they were said to be dissidents of the Popular Front. The massacres were led by Santiago Carrillo, who for many years later became the general secretary of the PCE.

According to the authors of the campaign, the publication of the stamp also contradicts the resolution of the European Parliament passed in June 2019, which condemns “the dissemination of all expressions of totalitarian ideologies”, clearly referring to Nazism and Stalinism. It also calls for fostering “a common culture of historical memory that rejects the crimes of fascist and Stalinist regimes”. Parliament also expressed “concern over the use of symbols of authoritarian regimes in the public domain and for commercial purposes”.

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The debate over the seal has crossed Spain’s borders. Among other things, former world chess champion Garry Kasparov wrote on social media that a “badge commemorating the victims of communism” would be more appropriate. “Will the swastika seal be next?” After asking, “What a shame!”

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