The new PS5 Kernel Exploit apparently lets someone run a PT from Kojima

The PS5 is in front of a virtual network while hackers prepare to run abandoned software on it.

picture: Sony / Kotaku

Hackers were all about PS5 Almost a year ago nowAnd it looks like they finally managed to jailbreak the 2020 device using a new kernel-level vulnerability It was first discovered on PS4. Although it does not allow access to execute certain types of code, this exploit allowed at least one person to run the demo of Kojima’s Silent Hill, PTon their PS5, and it’s likely to have huge repercussions as more people explore jailbreaking.

The Exploiting the PS5 IPV6 kerneldiscovered by Andy “TheFloW” Nguyen last month, now has a way to implement, where Tweet over the weekend By hacker SpecterDev. It is based on a previously known vulnerability in Webkit, the PS5’s web browser technology, which runs on PS5s running firmware 4.03, and possibly earlier versions as well.

The exploit works by having the PS5 access a web server located on a local computer that contains the SpecterDev hacking app. It seems to work about 30 percent of the time, giving users access to console debugging mode, thus allowing them to run programs outside of what Sony originally intended.

Here is a demo of the new exploit that was tweeted yesterday:

“This exploit gives us read/write access, but no execution,” reports Console Hacking Blog. “This means that binaries cannot be loaded and run at the moment, everything is restricted in the scope of the ROP string. However, the current implementation enables debug settings.”

However, early exploitation was still enough to allow it Evil spirits Archaeologist Lance MacDonald has installed a PS4 mini-horror game PTwhich is not officially backward compatible on PS5:

The IPV6 webkit exploit was discovered by TheFloW two years ago on PS4. He found it back on PS5 and reported it to Sony in January 2022. “It looks like their patch was somehow rolled back when FreeBSD9 was made to FreeBSD11,” recently said Motherboard. TheFloW later received a $10,000 reward from Sony and Vulnerability detected Posted on HackerOne on September 20, 2021.

Since then, others in the PlayStation hacking community have been working on ways to exploit the vulnerability to jailbreak both the disc-based PS5 and its all-digital counterpart. Console manufacturers are trying to keep their systems partially locked down to ward off hacking, and today’s jailbreaking is likely just the start of hackers making holes in that security. Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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