The Nets win despite the absence of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and 5 other top scorers

number Kevin Durantnumber Kyrie Irvingthere is no problem in Brooklyn Networks.

Sorry, this shouldn’t actually be Kevin Durant, no Kyrie Irving, no Ben Simmonsnumber Seth CurryNick Claxton, no Joe Harrisnumber TJ WarrenNo Royce O’Neill, no problem. Because that’s how the Nets won Saturday.

With the absence of the entire starting lineup and three of the four best players on the bench minutes per game, the Nets somehow managed to beat the team. Indiana Pacers 136-133 on the way.

Cam Thomas, who entered the game averaging 6.1 points in 14.4 minutes per game, led the way with 33 points off the bench on 13-of-20 shooting. Day’Ron Sharpe, who made his first start of the season after averaging 2.6 points, scored , 20 points on 13 shots with 12 rebounds and two blocks. Kessler Edwardswho played a team-low 39 minutes all season, led the Nets in minutes with 34.

And the list goes on. Every net in the starting lineup except the guard Edmond Sumner He was making his first start of the season, and only extended the bench to four players due to a number of absences.

Yes, they were playing Pacers, but the Pacers are 14-13 years old and unlike the Nets, they were They play appetizers. Pacers She was a 7.5-point favorite on BetMGM. So you can understand why Nets players, active and inactive, would treat the win as such a big surprise:

So grim was the Nets outlook that coach Jack Vaughn was apologizing before the game, as nearly every player was suspended for injury management. All of Claxton’s saved minutes saw Friday in a win over Atlanta Hawks.

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From ESPN:

“It’s a legitimate question,” said Vaughn. “This is a conversation I had with Kevin. I hope this fan knows that Kevin really wants to play. He understands that. He wants to win every game. But it’s a decision for us as an organisation, we just had to make…

“I would say to this fan that I look forward to the future of Kevin Durant. I look forward to the future of the organization. And I really apologize if that’s the game I picked. But he’s given his all in every game since the start of this season.”

It is said that every player who missed Saturday is expected to play Monday against Washington Wizardsexcept for Royce O’Neill, who will be staying out for personal reasons.

Patty Mills He was one of several Nets players who took more minutes on Saturday. (AP Photo/Doug McCuller)

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