The groom ran away from the altar. What the bride did was incredible – o2

Kailey Stead and Callum Norton have been in a relationship for four years. They were to stand on the wedding carpet on September 15. Unfortunately, the groom did not appear at the ceremony and refused to apologize and comment.

According to “The Mirror”, which covered the story, it was only recently revealed that Kayleigh’s future husband passed the state exam and is a professional policeman. The 24-year-old had to do it just before the ceremony at a cost of 12,000. Pounds (over PLN 63 thousand).

The couple was together for four years. The soon-to-be couple decided to rent an apartment together. They did it in Swansea, Wales. Unfortunately, they were no longer together after the cop dumped his fiancée at the altar. According to British media, the night before the wedding, the groom-to-be was in a caravan near the wedding venue. He must leave them early in the morning.

The day before the wedding I saw the bridegroom around 4 pm, but after that I didn’t hear anything about him. We tried contacting him but to no avail. He left me unexplained, Kayleigh said.

He escapes from the altar and refuses to apologize. The bride arranged the party anyway

Kaylee’s father called Callum’s father to inform him that his son would not be coming. Sam doesn’t have the courage to talk to his ex-partner. The 27-year-old tried not to worry about her soon-to-be husband and continued with the party, where she had a great time.

I don’t expect him to do anything but be aware of his actions and take responsibility for what he did,” said Kayleigh.

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