The French rush to repaint planes for Russia

The Airbus 350-900, originally named the “Ivan the Terrible”, It had already been hastily repainted in the colors of the Turkish carrier, Although the details of the painting on the engines and the ballast indicate the original owner – Russian Aeroflot. The plane in the new livery was spotted at the manufacturer’s factory airport in Toulouse last week. TC-LGI registration number will be provided.

In the photo taken in Toulouse, you can clearly see the navy blue painting of the vertical paddle on the “Turkish” plane and the silver on the tail area, similar to the other planes of the carrier.

The engine nozzles retained their characteristic dark blue color with a red circle.

Photo: Telsek / Shutterstock

“Turkish” Airbus (above) and the original lyre of the Russian Airbus A350 (below)

Three more aircraft built for Aeroflot will be delivered to the Turks: May 7, two A350s and May 12 Another plane took off from a warehouse in Chateaurois for ToulouseAirbus usually delivers flights to customers.

At the beginning of last week, the lines Turkish Airlines has ordered six Airbus A350-900 aircraft – This is very interesting considering that the airline had partially canceled the previous order at the beginning of the year. The price of missed flights can be very attractive.

According to some reports It will not even change the structure of the Turkish Airlines cabin, which has already sparked rumors that the Turks have leased the aircraft. To Aeroflot.

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Source: AirLiveNet

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