The federation of the European Union is the Balkanization of Europe

Government spokesman on Friday Pyotr Mல்லller said about reaching an agreement Regarding the agreement between Poland and the European Commission in the KPO. – The Polish delegation and the committee formed by the head of the European Commission reached an agreement on the content of the “milestones” and the content of the milestones proposed by both sides was further implemented. The final, formal approval of the EC, Mller said at a news conference.

Message from Government Spokesman Development and Technology Minister Walter Puda confirmed.

Ziemkiewicz: Including Poland stands in the way

On Monday, Carol Gock asked the columnist “Do Rzeczy” on the broadcast of the public “Siódma 9” whether we are dealing with the end of the political game around the KPO, or that a certain stage is coming to an end, and more. Just a moment.

Rafał Ziemkiewicz stressed that we do not yet know the details of the agreement, while reminding that the dispute over the regulatory chamber in the Polish Supreme Court is only an excuse for the European Commission. “This controversy is about something very important, that is, the federal idea of ​​rebuilding Europe,” he said.

– In the current context, I would like to know whether the EU has realized that these ideas need to be postponed, in the face of threats that could turn into a protracted economic conflict between the West and Russia. . This would be a promising variant. Or whether the EU has come to the conclusion that there is no point in emphasizing local left-liberal opposition and is compromising with the PiS based on the fact that our government agrees to Brussels’ demands – the author assesses.

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About the CoFoE 49 Conference

Europe The EU Conference on the Future of CoFoE 49 concluded on Monday. In theory, it was “a series of discussions with civil society on the challenges and priorities facing the EU.”

Ziemkiewicz pointed out that the federal machine was running so fast that it did not notice the war in Ukraine. – The “Conference for the Future of Europe” is a fun, Soviet-style event. It reminds me of the World Peace Congress from my childhood, which was held for peace in various countries, but of course it was about Soviet peace so that the West could disarm and the Soviet Union could achieve its goals. This conference is a kind of madness where everyone is still demanding co-ordination – the journalist said.

Ziemkiewicz: The federation of the European Union is the Balkanization of Europe

Do Rzeczy’s columnist warns again that Europe may share Yugoslavia’s fate.

– We are dealing with an ideological madness. The only answer to integration problems is greater integration. Like all problems of socialism, the answer suggested by the Communists is socialism. I really warn against this madness, because the attempt to build a centralized state transforms the EU from a union of independent states into a few countries that have given to public institutions. Being a European government, parliament and European Supreme Court is the way to balcony Europe, he explained.

– With the hammering of the conflict of economic interests in Europe, and the hammer of high prices, inflation and immigration, living conditions in Western Europe will be much worse, at whose expense is there a struggle? Of course, Germany maintains its quality of life In practice At the expense of the southern nations: Italy, Spain or Greece, which is already causing controversy. But this is nothing compared to the tensions that will be triggered when some EU headquarters are established and countries will blame each other, with Brussels paying money to other countries, said Rafas Gymkievich.

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