The crew did not allow a British passenger to use the restroom. She regretted that decision

39-year-old British man pees on plane (pictured)

The man wanted to use the bathroom but did not get permission from the crew. So he surrendered his seat to the need. Police were called to Manchester Airport and detained the 39-year-old, and his prank case went to court.

Lloyd Johnson, 39, from Derbyshire, was flying back with his wife from a holiday in Dubai at the end of January. The man wanted to use the bathroom, but due to the approach to landing, Emirates flight attendants ordered him to return to his seat. A drunken passenger decided to urinate in the aisle in front of other passengers Manchester Evening News reports.

Police were called to Manchester Airport and detained the 39-year-old, and his prank case went to court. Now the British judiciary has found the man involved in an indecent act.

He was not allowed to use the toilet. Drunk Britons couldn’t stand it

During the hearing, it was described that the defendant had urinated near his seat and had to be moved to a seat away from other passengers. — He was very drunk, but he did not urinate on any other person, a Instead, he tried at all costs to go to the toilet Attorney Tobias Collins pointed out.

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Lawyer Adam Lodge, 39, said his client got up and tried to go to the bathroom shortly before landing. “He was told to go back to his seat, but he couldn’t bear it. He had an unfortunate and very humiliating accident He explained.

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He peed on the plane. “An embarrassing and humiliating episode”

The court sentenced Lloyd Johnson to one year of community service. The person must pay court costs of £510 (approximately PLN 2,700).

The justification for the sentence emphasized that the 39-year-old had not tried to argue with the crew or other passengers.

The most incriminating aspect of the case is how drunk you were – Judge Michael Hayden addressed the accused directly.

This is an embarrassing and humiliating chapter in your life But I do not expect the British courts to visit you again,” the judge added.


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