The Americans send the vehicle to an asteroid worth 37 trillion zlotys

It is a cosmic scale with an intriguing name 16 soul, one of the largest asteroids in the famous asteroid belt. NASA is preparing the mission for that. Interestingly, he himself will take care of its implementation Elon Musk and his company SpaceX. Commodity exchanges tremble to their foundations against such commodities.

The asteroid has a diameter of 210 kilometers It mainly contains iron, nickel, gold and platinum. In fact, there are so many resources out there that, according to preliminary calculations, they can The value is up to 37 trillion zlotys. So far, mankind has not been able to find an equally precious object in space.

Financial analysts have calculated that 100,000 times the annual revenue of the entire global economy. It shows what strangeness lurks in the not-so-distant abyss of space. Thanks to them, in the future we will be able to accelerate our development and explore the universe more intensively.

Interestingly, recent research shows that 16 Soul may once have been very rich in metalsIt appeared so far. “A lower metal content than is present may have resulted in collisions with asteroids containing the common carbon chondrites that make up the surface layer we observe,” said David Cantillo of the University of Arizona. A similar phenomenon was observed on the western asteroid probed a few years ago by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft.

Work on 16 Cyc is scheduled to begin at the summit in October 2023 The powerful Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX. Elon Musk’s company has allocated $117 million to NASA for the project. The mission was originally planned for August this year, but the company has temporarily put its plans on hold. Now, he is returning to them, much to the delight of many astronomers.

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The American-designed and built spacecraft is expected to reach Psyche in 2029 and begin research. Then we will begin a new chapter in the history of mankind, which will try to obtain raw materials from foreign materials for the needs. Building a Space Civilization And the desire to conquer the solar system, and once the galaxy.

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