Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ Concert Movie Eyes $40M-$50M Friday – Deadline

to update: “This is hard to predict,” is the constant mantra this weekend among competing box office sources guessing the opening swing of Sam Wrench. Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages Party movie. Friday is currently associated with $40 million – $50 million A group with a large spread of $107 million – $130 million in 3,850 theaters for the weekend as a whole.

At the highest level, this could be the third-biggest domestic BO opening of 2023 then Barbie ($162 million) and Super Mario Bros 3 days worth $146.3 million. Another source added about Tour of the ages Expectations: “Prepare us to be wrong.”

Why are Swift’s musical movie predictions calculated on the box office counters instead of the usual weekly algebra? Basically, there’s a huge amount of pre-sale here, plus the X factor of walk-ins that happen. Add to that, the bar drops on Saturday night with a young woman’s title. One source has Tour of the ages track before BarbieIts pure Friday gross (less $22.3 million from Thursday previews) was $48.2 million. However, no one expected Swift Here to play like Barbie Which strutted to a $162 million opening. We will have more updates as they come.

Meanwhile, haters it’s not I’m Gonna Hate: Critics on Rotten Tomatoes are giving Tour of the ages 100% score. AMC won’t send official numbers until tomorrow.

The Early Screen Engine/Comscore PostTrak from last night, which combed through $2.8 million worth of previews, gave Tours of the ages Five stars or 95% positive feedback. Parents gave it 4 stars and kids under 12, 5 stars. Thursday night led by 76% women, females under 25 at 42%, females over 25 at 34%, and men close behind at 15% over 25 and under 9%. Mothers outnumber fathers, 67% to 33%, with a staggering 95% of girls making up the majority of children under 12. The best scores are women over 25 years old (100%) and below (97%) while men over 25 years old grind their teeth for 2 hours and 48 minutes giving Tour of the ages Its lowest score is 78%. Note: These exits will be changed over the weekend.

Olivia from The Exorcist: Believer is screaming because Taylor Swift arrived at the box office this weekend sucking up all the oxygen.

Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Number two for the weekend appears to be Universal/Blumhouse/Morgan Creek The exorcist: the believer On 3,684 locations. It is the vision of the second Friday of $3.8 millionthe second weekend of 11 million dollars-58% for ten days $44.9 million.

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The third is Paramount/Spin Masters Paw Patrol: The Great Movie ($1.45 million third Friday, $5.7 million Third weekend, -50% with $48.5 million in 3,707 theaters). The 4th is Liongate’s third weekend X saw ($5.4 million-31%) after a $1.9 million Estimated on Friday and cume by Sunday of $41.1 million While New Regency/20th Century Studios the creator It ranks fifth in 2,960 theaters with the third Friday of 950 thousand dollars estimated, $3.3 million 3 days and $31.3 million Total run.

previously: AMC Distribution Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages The concert film was officially produced $2.8 million in Thursday night previews.

We told you last night that the rough estimate was less than $5 million. The picture was shown in 2,700 theaters with showings beginning last night at 6pm local time.

Remember, these previews are not indicative of how the weekend will go. Expectations of $100 million+ in the US still stand in 3,855 theaters. Swift announced Wednesday night moments before her premiere that she was adjusting her lucky plan for a Friday the 13th release date at 6 p.m. to Thursday night previews for the Sam Wrench-directed film. In some places, advance tickets for last night’s concert film didn’t go on sale until six to eight hours before showtime.

Plus, Swift was competing with herself last night: If you’re a die-hard fan, you probably watched her at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos game where she was cheering on Travis Kelce.

Technically, there are no fixtures for last night, not only because Thursday previews were added at the last minute, but also there weren’t many wide release concert films in the Millennium era preview at the box office. Interestingly, the midnight show time starts for Michael Jackson’s concert, that’s it, It attracted $2.2 million on Tuesday night, October 27, before posting $7.4 million on Wednesday and a $34.4 million five-day cume.

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Last minute showtimes for Tour of the ages Didn’t draw much air from the fall box office with Universal/Blumhouse/Morgan Creek Al-Mu’awwidhatayn: The believer It earned an estimated $1.3 million yesterday in 3,663 theaters, -9% from Wednesday’s first-week cume of $33.9 million.

Lionsgate X saw In 3,262 theaters, it grossed $729,000 yesterday, up 1% from Wednesday, and $11.3 million in its second week and $35.7 million, respectively.

Paramount and Spinmaster in the second week of Paw Patrol: The Power Movie It earned $15.8 million after a second Thursday with $620,000, +2%, in 4,027 theaters. The motion picture has a total gross of $42.8 million.

New Regency/20th Century Studios/Disney the creator In 3,680 theaters, it grossed $571,000 on Thursday, even with Wednesday, with a second week of $9.3 million and a total cume of $28 million.

Understanding events the blind It saw $271,000 in 1,312 theaters, a second week of $4.5 million and a total of $11.9 million.

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