Tamayo Perry, lifeguard and “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, has died after an apparent shark attack in Hawaii

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Tamayo Perry was described as a beloved rescuer by those who knew him.


A lifeguard and surfing instructor — who also appeared in films including “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and “Blue Crush” — died Sunday after a shark attack on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, according to officials.

Tamayo Perry, 49, was “an eight-year veteran of Honolulu Ocean Safety and a well-known North Shore waterman,” Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said in a statement.

Perry “embodies courage, commitment and a deep sense of duty, serving our community with unwavering dedication. His heroic actions and tireless efforts to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors will never be forgotten,” Blangiardi added.

Just before 1 p.m. Sunday, Honolulu Ocean Safety and other emergency responders arrived at the beach after receiving a call about a surfer fatally injured in a shark attack, said Shane Enright, a spokesman for Honolulu Emergency Medical Services.

Honolulu Ocean Safety responded by jet ski and brought Perry to shore, where first responders pronounced him dead.

Curt Lager, Honolulu’s acting chief of ocean safety, said Perry was a lifeguard beloved by everyone, a professional surfer known around the world, and had an “infectious” personality.

“As much as people loved him, he loved others even more,” Lager said.

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Perry has several acting credits under his name, including a role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Perry has made numerous television and film appearances, according to him IMBD page.

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Perry’s autobiography of his Ohio surfing experience website He lists “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Charlie’s Angels 2,” “Blue Crush,” and the hit TV shows “Lost” and “Hawaii Five-0” among his credits.

He wrote that Perry also appeared in national and international advertising campaigns.

“When I’m not acting, I’m still a character, so there’s always a lot of fun to be had,” he said.

Perry’s wife, Emilia Perry, was born and raised in Western Australia and competed as a professional bodybuilder before moving to Hawaii, where she met her husband and began surfing competitively, according to her surfing biography. website.

“When I was 18, I came to Hawaii for a contest and met Tamayo while surfing at Pipeline. A few years later, I picked up a surfboard, we got married and there was no turning back,” she wrote, adding: “The sheer amount The knowledge of the oceans that Tamayo has instilled in me over the years is invaluable.”

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Perry’s wife, Emilia Perry, credits him with helping her improve her surfing skills.

University of Florida International shark attack file It lists 120 shark bite incidents in 2023. Of the 36 shark bites that occurred in the United States, eight were in Hawaii, and one was fatal.

According to the 2023 Shark Attack File Report, surfers were involved in 42% of bites worldwide. Although the number of bites and deaths increased last year compared to the previous year, the report’s authors say the numbers are still in line with recent trends.

The mayor said the Honolulu community will provide the necessary support after Perry’s death.

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“As we mourn this unimaginable loss, we remember the inherent dangers our rescuers face every day, and we express our deepest gratitude for their service,” Blangiardi said.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled Oahu.

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