Sri Lanka. The government controls access to fuel. Current shares will last for a week

Sri Lanka has been plunged into crisis. The authorities decided to restrict the possibility of purchasing fuel in the country. These changes will take effect on Tuesday.

Officers Sri Lanka Decided to strictly restrict access to fuel. Now it can only be used by representatives of industries that are recognized as important functions such as health care, telecommunications – trains, buses or food transport companies. The actions of the rulers are in an attempt to overcome the severe fuel shortage that the country is struggling with. CNN, citing Reuters’ calculations, said that with the current fuel demand, the country’s current stock will run out within a week.

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka is growing. There are ongoing struggles against the rulers in the country Violent riots. Opposition leader Sajid Premadasa said in a video that the country had completely collapsed due to fuel shortages. “The government has lied to the nation many times and has no plans to move forward,” he added. Premadasa asked the current officers to resign.

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Sri Lanka: Fuel reserves are declining

The Sri Lankan government’s fuel reserves are approximately 9,000 tonnes of diesel and 6,000 tonnes of petrol. No new deliveries are currently expected. Lanka IOC, a local branch of Indian Oil Corporation, has 22,000 tonnes of diesel fuel and 7,500 tonnes of petrol, according to Reuters. The next delivery of fuel – about 30 tonnes in total – is expected to take place on July 13. “Sri Lanka uses about 5,000 tonnes of diesel fuel per day and 3,000 tonnes of petrol per day to meet its transport needs,” Lanka IOC President Manoj Gupta told Reuters.

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Among the other major fuel consumers in the country are representatives from the apparel and textile industries. “We have enough fuel for the next seven to ten days, so we are doing well,” said Johan Lawrence, secretary general of the Ceylon Joint Clothing Association.

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The country’s last oil reserve will be used to start thermal power plants, which will reduce power outages. They are scheduled to be extended from two and a half hours to three hours from Monday. “We hope the power outage will last between three and four hours in the next two months,” said Janaka Ratnayake, chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka. “Depending on the situation in the country, this may change,” he added.

Sri Lanka has been plunged into crisis

The country’s foreign exchange reserves are very low. There are difficulties in the distribution of food, medicine and fuel on the island. Colombo cabinet spokesman Bandula Gunawardena said Sri Lanka had never experienced such a severe economic crisis in its history.

The government is in talks with the International Monetary Fund over possible bailouts, but many do not want to wait too long. People are planning to leave the country, as evidenced by the growing demand for passports. Early Monday morning, a spokesman said the navy had arrested 54 people on the east coast who were trying to leave the country by boat.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Samila Karunaratne

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