Some of the “original developers” are working on Mario & Luigi: Brothership

Image: Nintendo

This week, Nintendo announced a brand new Mario & Luigi RPG, officially titled Mario & Luigi: Brothership. Like a lot of new releases the company isn’t ready to reveal the team behind this Switch project, but we now have a small update on the matter.

Stephen Totilo game file A Nintendo representative asked who the developer of Brothership is now that AlphaDream is no longer in business, and while they didn’t reveal this information, it’s clear that “some of the original developers who worked on the franchise are involved.”

like VGC noted, some of the team members who remained at Nintendo after AlphaDream folded include the company’s former development director Hiroyuki Kubota (now at Monolith Soft), and Mario & Luigi director and producer Yoshihiko Maekawa, who recently oversaw the Switch version of Super Mario. RPG.

As for when the developer behind the new Mario & Luigi game will be revealed, according to a Nintendo representative, fans will just have to wait and see “the game credits upon release.” there There are a lot of theories already circulating online.

Although Nintendo has recently been somewhat tight-lipped about the developers behind certain projects lately, it doesn’t always go as planned. Earlier this week, official documents seemingly revealed that Polish company Forever Entertainment is involved in developing Donkey Kong Country Returns HD for Switch.

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