Sołedar: The British helped evict civilians. 28 and 48-year-olds died

Andrew Bagshaw, based in New Zealand, and Christopher Barry, from Truro, Cornwall, traveled to Ukraine to provide humanitarian support. They, aged 48 and 28, went missing on January 7. The day before they had come from Kramadorsk to Soledar.

The Russian mercenary group Wagner later reported that the body of one of them had been found. However, it is not specified which of the men. Barry’s family have now announced the news of his death.

“His selfless commitment to helping the elderly, the young and the underprivileged out there has made us and his extended family incredibly proud. We never thought we would say goodbye to Chris. He had such a full life ahead of him. He was a caring son, a wonderful brother, a best friend to many and a loving companion to Olga.”

The relatives of the 28-year-old insisted Helped evacuate more than 400 people and many abandoned animals. The man had been in Ukraine since March 5, almost since the start of the Russian invasion. Christopher Barry has previously spoken to Sky News and the BBC’s Cornish division about how to help and survive under constant fire.


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