Slovenia: Natasza Pirc Musar wins presidential election. First woman in this position

54 percent voted for Birk Musser. VotersMeanwhile his rival conservative Anze Logar got 46 percent. votes.

– I would like to meet with the leaders of all parliamentary parties to see what I can bring to the functioning of the country as president in terms of consensus building and strategic matters. This is the goal I set myself in the election campaign – said the election winner. He added that he also plans to seek advice from the country’s three previous presidents, Milan Kusan, Danilo Turk and the outgoing Borut Bahor.

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– Above all I want a tolerant dialogue between us all. Differences enrich us and it would be bad if we all thought the same, but let’s listen to each other and talk cross-culturally. I want this Natasa Birk Musar, As a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia, he added.

“Something must be done to end polarization”

Same model Former Prime Minister Miro Cerar commented on the election results. – The future president must do something to end the polarization. The current situation cannot be good for long – said the politician on Radio Slovenia.

Birk Musar congratulated the opposition candidate on his victory in the presidential election. – A long journey ends today. (…) Natasa Birkmusar will be sworn in as the first female president of the republic And congratulations on his success. I am sure he will keep his word and be a leader for all of us,” Logar said.

Natasza Pirc Musar was appointed as the President of Slovenia. “We will work together”

Pirc Musar is not called success means living together. Parliamentary elections in April resulted in a centre-left governing coalition, so the government and future president who take office in December will come from similar political circles.

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– I firmly believe that we will work together to face the common challenges of the future, strengthen an open society centered on unity and inclusion, and develop the country for the benefit of all. Good luck Madam President! – congratulated Birk Musar, Prime Minister of Slovenia, Robert Kolob.

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He was among the center-left candidate’s staffers Former President Danilo Turkwho insisted that the people of the country wanted something new, and Birk Musar “Symbol of the New in Slovenia”. – We are in the process of a generational transition. Pirc Musar belongs to a different generation and has the potential to create a different Slovenia. I believe that it will be possible with the new generation who are now holding decisive positions – added the former head of state.

A voter turnout of over 52 percent was recorded in Sunday’s elections. and slightly higher than in the first round on October 23.

Natasza Pirc Musar He will be sworn in as the President of the Republic of Slovenia on 23 December.

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