Russia’s War in Ukraine Himars in Ukraine. Pentagon accuses Russia of lying. Sergei Shoigu is lying – US Department of Defense

A Pentagon spokesman denied the Kremlin’s report that the Russian military would destroy six US-made HIMARS missile systems, Reuters reported.

“The Build”: Putin’s Barbarian Army

“Vladimir Putin has created a barbaric army that loots, rapes, tortures and tortures Ukrainian prisoners of war in front of them…

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Russian agency Interfax quoted the defense minister’s statement on Tuesday of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu reported on the destruction of Himars in Ukraine.

“We know these latest statements from Secretary Shoigu are, again, clearly false,” Pentagon spokesman Todd Preezeel said, adding: “What’s going on is The Ukrainians use each of the high-precision missile systems with devastating accuracy and efficiency.The United States, our allies and partners have given them (Ukrainians – ed.) the means to defend themselves against Russia’s brutal, criminal invasion.

Russia has repeatedly announced that it has destroyed the sites Ukraine HIMARSy, but so far has not presented evidence to support this thesis – reminds Reuters.

Ukrainian officials said the Ukrainian military operates about a dozen such systems HimarsIts accuracy and long range allowed Kiev to reduce Russia’s artillery advantage.

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