Russia’s threat to last “years” after war in Ukraine? The British Ministry of National Defense estimates | World news

On January 17, the head of the Ministry of National Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu announced “major changes” in Russian Army. The British answer Ministry of Defence Commented on the plans announced by the country.

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The British Ministry of Defense assesses “major changes” in the Russian military. Will the military threat last for years?

The British MoD regularly publishes intelligence updates on social media. “Shoigu’s plans signal that the Russian leadership is more likely to assess that an increased conventional military threat will persist for years after the current war. Ukraine. However, Russia often has problems recruiting and equipping personnel Army“, an analysis was posted on Twitter on Sunday, January 22.

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Russia. Sergei Shoigu announced changes in the Russian Armed Forces

On January 17, Shoigu reported that Vladimir Putin “It was decided to increase the size of the armed forces to one and a half million soldiers” in 2023-2026. The creation of three new categories is “necessary”. snipers and two assault divisions, reorganizing the seven motorized rifle brigades into two divisions and strengthening the “combat elements of the naval, air force and strategic missile forces.”

It is to guarantee “the military security of the state and the security of new institutions and important facilities of the Russian Federation.” Two new military districts – Moscow and Leningrad – are to be created – actually restored from the Soviet era – as well as “self-sufficient groups”. troops In the territories of the new entities that are part of the Russian Federation.” Changes include recruitment training.

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Sergei ShoiguRussia. Sergei Shoigu announced “major changes” in the military. “1.5 Million Players”

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