Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Live (April 26)

The spokesman admitted that his office had no personal information about the Ukrainians deported to Russia. The data provided by Moscow came from Russian military commanders, and local human rights spokeswoman Tatiana Moskalkova confirms it.

Denisova explained that the Russians were transporting Ukrainian citizens through the border areas that did not cross the Ukrainian border. It is primarily about the border between the Russian Rostov region and the Ukrainian side, which are controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

– In this place alone, according to their data, more than 700,000 people crossed the border – he said. Apart from the Rostov region, the Ukrainians were deported to the Belgorod region and Crimea, annexed by Russia.

According to Denisova, there are those who leave voluntarily. These are mainly people who left Ukraine with their own cars. He speculated that they had gone to Russia because of the crowds on the western border of Ukraine, and that they could then move from Russia to one of the EU countries, especially Estonia.

Denisova said he had been told by human rights critics from other countries that Ukrainians from Mariupol or Kharkiv had contacted him.

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