Russian soldiers forced into Ukraine are dying en masse

“(Fallen) forced people have recently signed short-term contracts to serve in the military,” the journalist added in a Facebook post.

“Everyone has already seen how Russia is behaving in the war. Moscow has sent inexperienced people to fight in Ukraine, which has become a cannon fodder,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on the night of May 18-19.

Reports of Russian troops’ involvement in the invasion of Ukraine surfaced from the beginning of the conflict (February 24), although initially the Kremlin claimed that only professional soldiers were fighting on the front lines. The mother of one of the fallen sailors admitted in an interview with the independent Russian publisher Novaya Gazzetta Europa in the second half that “the entire Moscow contingent (which was submerged by Ukrainian forces on April 14) (which was submerged by Ukrainian forces on April 14) relied on forced soldiers.” In May.

Before leaving for the White House, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby described Russian troops as having improved logistics, although this was the result of more favorable conditions on the Donbass and short supply routes.

“When we say that the Russians are gradually advancing in Donbass, it is the result of Ukrainian opposition, but the Russians are trying to stay ahead of their supply lines without going too far,” Kirby said. . As he added, the situation on the battlefield is “dynamic” and it changes almost “for hours”. However, he acknowledged that Russia was making progress in the Donbass.

As he said, Russian troops are moving in smaller units compared to the previous phase of the campaign, which makes it easier to coordinate their operations with the air force, although Russia has problems with this. He also stressed that the invading forces still have problems with command and communication between divisions.

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Reports, incl. CNN, Kirby did not deny or deny these revelations about the M270 carrying MLRS or HIMARS missile artillery systems over a range of several hundred kilometers. He added that talks on the issue and the next military aid package would continue. At the same time he acknowledged that the Ukrainians have been asking for such help for a long time.

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