Russian expert suggests attacking another country. “The West Will Suffer” – o2

A Russian expert on registration says his country doesn’t have to start directly War to have some influence.

A land war with Azerbaijan is likely. We will attack Baku, we will bomb Baku’s oil industry, we will destroy Azerbaijan’s energy system with rockets. The West will be greatly affected by this. If we bomb the oil industry now, the fuel will not come to the West. This will immediately raise prices after the introduction of limits on oil prices – Alexandrov said in an interview with RUSARMINFO.

According to the portal, Alexandrov suffered consequences for his words. He was dismissed from his post at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, hereinafter referred to as MGIMO.

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Based on the established facts of Alexander’s actions contrary to the status of an MGIMO employee and serious negligence of Alexander’s duties, the rector signed the order of dismissal and expulsion of Alexander from the university. Web homepage.

They added that Alexandrov was motivated by unjustified hatred and unprofessional behavior.

Azerbaijan helps Ukraine

Azerbaijan is an ally of Turkey, while it maintains a neutral stance towards Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Kiev, on the other hand, can rely on non-military aid. Azeris has donated 45 transformers and 50 power generators to Ukraine as part of humanitarian aid.

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