Russia Strikes Ukraine Plane Crash Summary of the night

A cargo plane crashed near the city of Kavala in northeastern Greece on Saturday evening. Local authorities and the fire department were informed. According to Greek media, it is a Ukrainian Antonov machine. According to them, there were eight people on the plane, none of whom would have survived the crash.

“We consider the (aircraft) cargo to be a hazardous material,” said a representative of the local fire brigade.

Earlier, Ukraine’s Antonov An-12 could carry munitions, the fire brigade said. Witnesses reported a fire during the flight and several explosions after the plane hit the ground.

End of operational suspension Probably this will not lead to a massive increase in the number of attacks on the territory of Ukraine, but it will be characterized by a continuation of limited attacks centered on the Slavyansk-Seviersk-Bakhmut line, analysts of the Institute of War Research (ISW) forecast.

Russian forces launched fewer ground attacks in all directions on Saturday than on Friday, but continued artillery and rocket attacks.

About 10 powerful explosions took place in Mikolajo during the night, the city mayor said. There were no reports of casualties or injuries.

Former head of Ukraine’s security service in Crimea arrested on suspicion of treason. President Volodymyr Zelensky appointed Ole Kulinich in October 2020, but fired him on March 2, a week after the Russian invasion began.

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