Russia. Julia Navalnaya was arrested in absentia. The Moscow court decided

About activities Solicitors To the deceased’s wife in February Alexei Navalny Kremlin press agency RIA Novosti reported. she noted Report sent by court in Moscow.

“The court accepted the request of the investigators and chose a preventive measure … Pre-trial detention for a period of two months. This time is calculated from the moment of delivery to the territory of the Russian Federation or from the moment of arrest on the territory. Russian Federation“- it was written.

Placed on a politician opposed to the Kremlin Internationally searched list Due to his alleged “disappearance from the preliminary investigation authorities”. Navalna was accused of “participating in an extremist community”. In the Russian Federation there are penalties for this type of crime Imprisonment for two to six years.

Russia. Yulia Navalnana in the crosshairs of Kremlin officials

In April, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Andriy Alshevsky Informed about the launch Actions by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Yulia Navalnaya. As he said, the opposition activist committed a crime by calling for its introduction Economic sanctions on Russia.

– I contacted law enforcement officials to evaluate the legality of her calls. The reply was that my actions and the speech in which I pointed this out had been sent for consideration. Based on that, the decision will be taken Decision according to the provisions of Russian law – he said.

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