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Former Russian Commissioner for Human Rights Konstantin Dolkov appeared on the propaganda program “60 Minutes” on Rossiya 1. He was commenting on Monday’s massive attack. Russia In Ukrainian cities. He said it was a breakthrough in special operations [wojnie z Ukrainą – red.] “He argued” in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict in general.Zelensky And his group has led Ukraine down a path of self-destruction by their actions.

Forbes calculates how much Monday’s missile attack in Ukraine cost Russia

Russia. A propagandist convinces the audience that Ukrainian waters are a military infrastructure

– Attacks are not directed against civilian infrastructure. It should be understood: now every water supply in Ukraine is a military infrastructure. Every Ukrainian watershed supports the war and works for it – said Tolkov.

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The Russian propagandist later claimed that most Ukrainians did not want the war, but turned it in favor of Russia and that Ukrainians were not opposed to the Russian invasion, but to “Ukrainian propaganda”.

After a while, he made another curious remark, “It goes on WarA Russia He is fighting against terrorism” – Same RussiaWhose troops are killing, raping, torturing and robbing Ukrainian civilians.

“Russia is not losing, but winning,” said Tolkov.

Dmitry MedvedevUkrainian services issued arrest warrants for Medvedev and Zakharova. “attempt”

– Today’s attack shows that there are many opportunities to achieve our strategic goals and missions without exceeding certain extreme limits – no matter how much we are pushed – Tolkov, on the Kremlin line, is clearly shooting civilians. Not an extreme limit. – If [Ukraińcy – red.] They will continue to want to fight and every day they will lose more resources to the war, both human and material – he concluded.

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Konstantin Dolkov’s report was found online by Julia Davies, a journalist of The Daily Beast portal responsible for monitoring. Propaganda In Russian media. “Konstantin Tolkov, the former Russian commissioner for human rights, says Ukraine’s plumbing ‘supports war’ and is therefore legitimate military targets. He believes in more strikes and asks, ‘Are they already moaning? Are they already screaming?’ “- he wrote.

Russians attacked Ukrainian cities

On Monday (October 10), the Russian military launched a massive shelling of Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure. Ukraine’s General Staff reported that the Russians launched a total of 61 rocket attacks and 32 attacks and 92 missile strikes. 73 air targets (including 46 cruise missiles and 27 drones) were destroyed by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses.

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Zelensky told the Russians: Stay away from our land, our soul and our culture.

As a result of the massive shelling, the infrastructure of more than 30 Ukrainian cities was damaged. These are mainly: Kyiv, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Tarnopol, Khmelnytskyi, Konotop, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv and Odessa. Government officials say at least 19 civilians were killed and 105 injured. The attack by the Russians caused power outages in several circuits. According to the Ukrainian command, there is still a risk of shelling.

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