Robert Saleh meets with the media again, and Aaron Rodgers’ questions are absent

On Tuesday, Jets coach Robert Saleh surprised everyone (except Aaron Rodgers) by saying that Rodgers’ absence from the mandatory minicamp was “unexplained.” Saleh was not asked about the “very important event” that led Rodgers to choose something else during a mandatory work day.

righteous He returned to the stand on Wednesday. It took a while to get the elephant not in the room. When Saleh was finally asked about Rodgers, he received three questions.

Did you talk to Aaron yesterday or today? “no I did not.”

Tyrod Taylor (who ran the attack in Rodgers’ absence) did not learn of his absence until yesterday. why is that? “It’s a one-on-one conversation [with Rodgers]It’s not something the team needs to know.

Did Aaron know that the team would consider his absence unjustified? “Aaron and I are on the exact same page. There is no problem between Aaron or his colleagues on this matter. So, as I said, we addressed it yesterday. “It’s more of an issue with everyone outside the building than the ones inside, and that’s about it.” (Sure, some players in the locker room who didn’t know Rodgers wouldn’t show up for mandatory minicamp until yesterday had to wonder what the heck was going on.) Hell.)

Surprisingly, Saleh was not asked the most important question of all. Where is Rodgers?

If he decides there’s something else more important than showing up for two mandatory workdays, what is it? It may be objectively reasonable for him to choose not to work rather than work. Or maybe it’s not.

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It’s impossible to make that assessment if the Jets don’t mention his whereabouts — and if the media crowd in the Big Apple doesn’t ask the simplest, most obvious question of all.

Where is Aaron?

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