Ridley Scott Gallups Film at CinemaCon – Deadline

Sony Motion Pictures Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman introduced a series of Ridley Scott’s Apple TV+, Napoleon At CinemaCon tonight.

Apple’s continued entry into the theater was a huge win for Sony, which is distributing the film.

“It will be released on Thanksgiving with a strong theatrical window and aggressive marketing campaign before moving to Apple TV+,” said Rothman. Unlike other studios, Sony doesn’t have a streaming service — instead it views itself as an arms dealer, in its licensing of films, but also takes on the responsibility of being a distribution partner.

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Rothman told exhibitors at Caesar’s Palace Colosseum how it baffled him that Scott had yet to win an Oscar for Best Director. “I know he can do cinematic things that filmmakers half his age can’t,” Rothman said, praising the 85-year-old filmmaker.

How are the shots? Let’s just say it will Barry Lyndon Director Stanley Kubrick is jealous. The clip shown has Joaquin Phoenix’s character leading the French army in an epic, misty, wintertime battle with Russian and Austrian forces. Napoleon knows he’s coming. He called for the attack. Many pikes chop off and soldiers fall into the icy water. Beside other remarkable battle pics brave heart And 1917, Napoleon standing away.

“Let them think they have the high ground!” He says joker Oscar winner.

“Old school, big screen,” Rothman exclaims about the footage.

Rothman told the exhibitors: “We trust that you will all give this film the utmost support, because the broader import is clear: good for Apple, good for cinemas – and it’s a spectacle on a big screen.

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Directed by Scott from a screenplay by David Scarpa, Napoleon Phoenix stars as a French emperor and military leader. The film is an original and personal look at Napoleon’s origins and his rapid, ruthless climb to Emperor, seen through the prism of his addictive and often volatile relationship with his wife and one true love, Josephine (Vanessa Kirby). The film depicts Napoleon’s famous battles, his relentless ambitions, and his astonishing strategic mind as an extraordinary military leader and war visionary.

Produced by Apple Studios in association with Scott Free Productions, Napoleon It is produced by Scott, Kevin Walsh, Mark Hapham and Phoenix, with Michael Bruce and Aidan Elliott serving as executive producers.

The movie hits theaters during Thanksgiving week, which begins November 22.

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