Questions about the wall on the Polish-Belarusian border. The Election Commission sent a letter to the Polish authorities

In a letter to Polish officials, the European Commission asked whether the construction of the wall on the Belarusian border complied with EU law. In turn, the MEPs have demanded that the encroachment prevention procedure be initiated in connection with the construction of this fence.

It is true that the European Commission sent a letter to Poland inviting Fr. Compliance with EU Environmental Law to build a wall on the border with BelarusThe announcement was made by European Commissioner for Interior Yilva Johansson during a debate in the European Parliament.

As Brussels RMF FM reporter Katarzyna Szymańska-Borginon discovered, The letter was released on April 29. An official admitted that it was pressured by the EP Environment Committee, which met on April 23 on the matter. Earlier, on March 2, a large group of MEPs appealed to the European Commission to take up the matter.

MEPs from the largest sections of the European Parliament – Christian Democrats, Social Democrats, Liberals, Greens and the far left – have called on the European Commission to launch a campaign against Poland. The lawsuit was probably funded by a European Court of Justice In connection with the violation of the protected Nature 2000 areas.

What are you waiting for at the European Commission? Why hasn’t an infringement procedure been initiated yet in this case? – Asked MEP Robert Biedroń on behalf of the Social Democrats. Others likened the fence to Donald Trump’s wall on the border between Mexico and the United States – like Elżbieta Łukaciejewska from the Civic platform – that no wall can prevent displacement.

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I’m sorry to hear what you have to say today. You are repeating Russian lies and propaganda against Poland – Responded to allegations against the actions of Polish authorities Law and Judge MEP Beta Kemba.

For now, the European Commission does not want to destroy the PA against Alexander Lukashenko and is reluctant to take further decisive action towards Poland. He is waiting for a response from the Polish authorities To the letter with the question of compliance of wall construction with EU law.

“There may be a fence on the border between Poland and Belarus May be justified by the “public safety” rule in the Residence Order“- Explains our correspondent at the European Commission.

Commissioner Johansson also pointed to a possible gateway to Polish authorities. If it turns out that a given project will have a negative impact on the environment, the government may decide to pursue it. This will only happen if there is The “public interest” plays a major role here. The government must then prove that there are no alternatives and compensate for the environmental damage – He told the European Parliament. An example of the public interest is public safety. We can legally protect the environment and public safety. We can and should do both – She explained.

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