Putin’s precise target. This is what he wants to achieve with the “referendum” in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin on Friday announced the incorporation of four occupied Ukrainian regions: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia into Russia. These resolutions must be approved by the Russian Parliament.

Official link of four Ukrainian regions It was the most serious escalation of the conflict since Russia launched a full-scale invasion.

Putin said he was ready to defend these territories by all available means, indicating that he was ready to use a nuclear strike to thwart attempts to liberate Ukraine’s sovereign territory.

Why does Putin need a “referendum” in Ukraine? – The first reason is purely technical. This is 300 thousand. Mobilized people, conscripts – according to Russian law – can fight only on the territory of the Russian Federation. So they couldn’t go there. The second thing – information is constantly being sent to the internal market there. The Russians, too, are crushed by the propaganda: We are fighting in a foreign country. Now, advance: they attack us, and we must withdraw our parts. The third reason is towards foreign markets. It simply escalates this conflict and puts pressure on Western societies. It came into effect. Atomic Scarecrow worked – explained Wyrwall in “Onet Rano”.

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