Putin’s former colleague suddenly ill. He was hospitalized due to suspected poisoning

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s former envoy for sustainable development Anatoly Subais, who resigned from his post after the aggression against Ukraine, has suddenly fallen ill in Sardinia and been hospitalized with suspected poisoning, Italian daily La Repubblica reported. Earlier, the BBC reported that he was hospitalized in a European country.

The newspaper explains that Subais was taken ill on the Italian island’s luxurious Emerald Coast. He further said, The former politician told his wife that he could not feel his arms and legs and could not move.

“The first results of research and terrible suspicion put our security services in a state of alert: it is a neurological disease – Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome, indicated by the symptoms, or are they signals of poisoning” – asserts “La Repubblica”.

He insists that Subais has been on holiday in Sardinia for several weeks and is in good health so far. He reveals that the sudden symptoms became so severe that he was hospitalized due to a threat to the functioning of vital organs. The Italian police were alerted to these symptoms and a detailed investigation was conducted.

Officers entered his room wearing special coveralls. Test results will be known in a few days – says the magazine.

Then he declares that for now The first results indicated Guillain-Barré syndromeBecause after using the treatment, the condition of the former Russian high official improved and his life was not in danger.

Subais is mainly known as the architect of Russia’s economic transformation. He served as Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister during Boris Yeltsin’s presidency. He was one of the few key figures in Yeltsin’s team during Putin’s time in power.

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