Prince Harry’s legal claim ‘almost non-existent’ says opposition lawyer – Deadline

As Prince Harry prepares next month to become the first senior member of the British royal family to enter the courtroom witness arena for 130 years, his case is being criticized by his legal opponents.

Harry is suing the Mirror Group of newspapers in the UK, alleging it carried out illegal activities to collect stories on him between 1991 and 2011, a claim they say is “little to non-existent”. The publisher denies the allegations.

times The publisher’s attorney, Andrew Green KC, tells the court that the evidence for call data to support allegations of phone hacking was “scant to completely non-existent”, and many of the stories involved were “on an astonishing level of frivolity”.

Harry is one of a group of high-profile personalities – as many as 100 people, not all of whom are named – suing the Mirror Group over alleged phone hacking, scams and other illegal means of getting stories to be published.

Harry is fighting legal battles on several fronts. In addition to his expected courtroom appearance in this lawsuit next month, he is also suing my publisher daily Mail And the sun in the UK for similar previous alleged offences. In addition, he is suing the UK Home Office over the level of taxpayer-funded personal security he believes he is entitled to claim, after his family moved to Los Angeles in 2020.

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