President Joe Biden left the house. “Precautionary measures have been taken”

Biden spend the weekend outside of Washington, part of which celebrates their first lady’s birthday on Friday. CBS News reporter Bo Erickson tweeted that he saw Joe Biden driving his car to the Rehoboth Beach fire station. The panel of journalists who usually follow the president are not included in this column this time.

The president and his wife were evacuated after an unidentified plane appeared in the air above their home.

– A small private plane flew in restricted air, everything indicates a mistake, but precautions have been taken. President Or his family, nothing happened – a White House spokesman told the American media.

The Secret Service said in a statement that the plane was “immediately evacuated from prohibited airspace” as it “entered a safe area”. According to preliminary inquiries, the company said it was interviewing a pilot who was not on the right radio channel and did not follow the published flight guidelines.

In line with the standard practice for presidential travel outside Washington, the Federal Aviation Administration announces air restrictions prior to Biden’s arrival in the coastal city. This is a no-fly zone with a circumference of 10 miles and a no-fly zone of 30 miles.

Military jets and Coast Guard helicopters are frequently used to intercept flights that violate US President’s airspace. The intercepted machines are diverted to the nearest airport, where the teams are interrogated by law enforcement and face potential criminal or civil sanctions.

Sources: NPR, Associated Press


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