“Poland seizes political leadership in Europe” Swiss newspaper France and Germany lack sufficient leadership

The Russian aggression and devastating war against Ukraine has created a new political movement in Europe. Berlin and Paris are not leading, although the countries of southern Europe are keeping their distance Poland and the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, with the British at the helm. A year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the political balance in Europe is shifting; “A new political geography of Europe is being created,” writes the Swiss newspaper.

“Since the start of the war in Ukraine, many countries have developed defense policy strategies in Europe modeled after the United States,” notes “NZZ”. Among EU countries, these are mainly Poland and Finland, with the exception of the United Kingdom. “These countries are the focus of other countries that share the vision of Russian politics in London, Warsaw and Helsinki: Sweden, Norway, the Baltic States, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Slovakia,” the daily lists.

Not enough leaders

This group of countries is now united by a common interest in security and the view that the political leadership of the largest EU countries (Germany, France or Italy) is insufficient. The group is also united by action: the continued large-scale supply of arms to Ukraine is fueling a European debate on providing military aid to Kiev.

As “NZZ” emphasized, A year after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Berlin and Paris – political rhetoric aside – find it difficult to fight decisively against Russia as a fundamental threat to the continent. In Paris, it is reminded that “Russia must not be humiliated under any circumstances.” “Berlin and Paris have not been able to depart from decades of policy regarding Russia, (…) or profitable trade relations, which in many cases have not yet been severed” – “NZZ” reminds.

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Party and political conflicts in Berlin over the scope of support for Ukraine worried countries that felt threatened by Russia. “Given the Bundeswehr state and the widespread mix of anti-Americanism, Russophilia and pacifism, it is questionable whether the Germans could really be relied upon in an emergency.– Adds “NZZ”. The “lack of coordination between Paris and Berlin” worries Ukraine, which is fighting for survival.

A tough story

While Western Europe would like to believe that the current aid to Ukraine is enough to stop the war geographically, many Eastern European countries interpret Russian aggression differently. “Many of these countries had painful experiences with their Russian neighbors – the Baltic states were occupied by the Soviet Union for decades, Finland fought the Red Army for survival, and Poland and the Czech Republic were vassals of Moscow.” – notes the Swiss daily.

“In the years 1772-1939, Poland was partitioned four times between Prussia/Germany and Russia” – emphasis on “NZZ”. “In Poland, mistrust of the German government and the SPD in particular is justified (…). Therefore, it should not be surprising that Poland continues to draw closer to the US in terms of defense policy, and is now entering into partnerships in the field of arms policy outside of Europe, e.g. With South Korea” – reminds the newspaper.

A new leader

“Poland, the most populous country in the east of the EU and traditionally a middle power in the region, is poised to take the lead,” adds “NZZ”. Europe’s security now depends on the ability of Poland and the countries of Eastern and Northern Europe to rapidly form a group capable of operating in close coordination with the United States.

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“This is urgently needed because the military situation in Ukraine is serious. The suffering of civilians is often forgotten (…). Russia is preparing for a massive attack, and the Northeast of Europe is collectively resisting it. Paris and Berlin would do well to follow suit.”

– “NZZ” for short.

Source: PAP, niezalezna.pl

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