Packers Jayden Reed Project and Twitter excited about Jordan Love

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Brian Gutkunst has been busy with one trade after another during Second round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

But it all led to what Packers fans would expect during this part of the NFL Draft: a wide receiver.

It’s like the clock is ticking for the Packers in the second round and after trading down two runs after picking a tight end earlier in the night, he picked the Packers Jaden Reed is out of Michigan With the fiftieth general selection. In addition to Reed, Packer chose Friday Luke Musgrave (tight end from Oregon State at No. 42) Then he picked another one in Tucker Craft (Narrow end of South Dakota Avenue at #78).

These are three offensive playmakers for Jordan Love. Christian Watson Packers second-round draft pick in 2022is one of many who liked the theme of the night.

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