Orban: With current NATO strategy, Ukraine will not defeat Russia

“Ukraine cannot defeat Russia with the current NATO-backed strategy,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said after a meeting with Austrian Chancellor Karl Neuhammer in Vienna. At the same time, he warned against the dire consequences of war for the European economy.

This war cannot be won in this form – said Orban, quoted by CNN. In his opinion, NATO’s strategy of supporting Ukraine with weapons and training “has so far shown that it will not lead to victory.”

There will be no peace without a change of strategy – warned the Hungarian Prime Minister Without peace in Ukraine, the entire European Union will be “plunged into a state of war”. There is no telling how recession in the EU can be avoided if the war continues – added.

Both Orban and Nehammer warned against the possibility of the EU imposing an embargo on Russian gas. We have now come to a wall called the gas barrier, and I suggest to the EU not to knock on that wall Orban said.

The Austrian chancellor added that such a ban was “impossible”. And not just because we, Austria, rely on Russian gas. German industry also relies on Russian gas. If German industry declines, Austrian industry declines Nehhammer said, adding that it could cause “mass unemployment.”

There are several announcements by the European Commission, but not implemented – Nehammer assessed the EU’s efforts to tackle the energy crisis. He stressed that there are “no signs” of the implementation of the common gas purchase platform proposed by the European Commission.

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The Chancellor added, considering the current stress in the energy market. “This common ground will be more important than ever.”

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