Oleksiy Reznikov: Ukraine is an unofficial member of NATO

Oleksiy Reznikov expressed hope that Ukraine will receive the long-sought weapons. including tanks and fighter jets – Because, he argues, both Ukraine and Russia seem to be getting ready For new attacks in the spring.

“Ukraine As a country and military, they have already become a member of NATO. Procedural, by law, not judicial. Because we We have NATO weapons and an idea of ​​how to use them – said the Minister of Ukraine.

Reznikov argues that “Vladimir Putin presented his invasion of Ukraine existential war with the West, It wants to weaken Russia, and Russian politicians often say they are fighting against NATO by fighting in Ukraine. The West has provided weapons to this country as a war of aggression against them.. “Also, Ukraine has been seeking NATO membership for years, which President Putin has described as a threat to Russia’s security,” he added.

However, Reznikov denied the controversial nature of his position. “Why would it be controversial? It’s true. It’s a fact.” – said the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. “I am confident in the future We will become members of NATO, de jure.” He insisted.

The minister noted that he understood the position of the coalition, which, while actively supporting Kiev in its fight against Moscow, did not want to admit Ukraine to NATO because it did not want to be considered a party to the conflict in the war. With Russia. In addition, in this case plays a special role Article 5 Under the Washington Treaty “An armed attack against one or more members in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against all of them.”

According to the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, it is This point prevents His country should become a formal member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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