Norway: Andrey Medvedev arrested. He sought asylum

Arrest Information Andrei Medvedev The confirmation was made to Norwegian public broadcaster NRK on Monday John Andreas Johansson From the Norwegian police. The basis for this decision was “violation of the Aliens Act”. The man faces deportation from Norway.

On the night of January 13, Medvedev crossed the Russian-Norwegian border near the village of Nikkal in the Murmansk region. According to his account Despite being chased by dogs fired by border guards, he climbed a high border fence and ran across the frozen lake.He then reached a border settlement where he handed himself over to the Norwegian police. Since then, he has been temporarily housed in a closed center for illegal immigrants.

Medvedev has been questioned, according to a statement on Monday from Kripos, the Norwegian police’s criminal unit responsible for investigating war crimes. “We don’t want to give details, but we can still mention it is a witnessKripos said in a statement.

As the independent portal wrote in early July 2022, a resident of the Tomsk region Andrei Medvedev has signed a four-month contract with the Wagner Group. He was sent to Chalsk, and from there to the Luhansk region, where he was appointed commander of the mercenary assault division. Medvedev took part in the Battle of PakmutYevgeny Nuzhin’s direct command was a former prisoner whose head was allegedly crushed by Wagnerians after his return from a Ukrainian prison.

In mid-December, a video circulated on social networks in which Andrei Medvedev, who introduced himself as a fugitive, talked about threatening the fighters of the Wagner group. demanded that Central Security Service Examined the mercenaries and their boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

“Wagner’s security services began to harass me, put me on the wanted list of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I fear for my life and health,” Medvedev said at the time.

There is a debate in Norway about whether Andrey Medvedev can be important A witness to war crimes Was it done by the Russians in Ukraine, or is he perhaps presenting his story in order to gain asylum? According to associations of Ukrainians living in Norway, Medvedev could not join the Wagner group without knowing what he was going to do. On the occasion of this case, the Norwegian media drew attention to the issue of improper security of the Norwegian-Russian border.

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