Norfolk Airport Travelers Part of Expected Record Fourth of July Weekend

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Millions of people were expected to return home Sunday after the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

The Transportation Security Administration has predicted that today will be the busiest day ever for air travel, More than three million people were expected to be tested.

Norfolk International Airport was relatively quiet Sunday night, though airport staff told 10 On Your Side that the atmosphere was more chaotic earlier in the day.

We spoke to some of these travelers.

“We came here for the Fourth of July. We stayed in Williamsburg, but where did we go? We went to Washington, D.C., we went to Yorktown, we went to the water park and Busch Gardens, we went to Water Country,” said Luke Unrain as he and his family headed to Phoenix, Arizona.

His wife, Michelle, said they were expecting the airport to be crowded.

“We were worried about this from the beginning. There was no delay, but now we are delayed. So, we will see if we can move forward,” she said.

Traveler Robert Standley also commented on the atmosphere of the trip that night.

“The ticket prices were a lot higher today, but it was better for me. But you know, Norfolk is a very easy airport to fly in and out of,” Standley said.

He said he arrived at the airport early to avoid any stress.

“If it were Monday through Thursday, I would get here about an hour early and be able to get the job done easily. But today, because I knew Sunday was a busy travel day, I got here a few hours early. I got here about an hour and 45 minutes before my flight.”

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