Nobel Prize for Economics 2022 awarded. These are the winners of the Bank of Sweden prize

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The most famous of this year’s winners Ben BernankeHe was chairman of the Fed from 2006-14 and managed the US Federal Reserve during the 2007-09 financial crisis and was named Times Person of the Year in 2009. In his academic work, Bernanke specialized in the subject of financial crises.

This is the field of operation of the other two winners. Douglas W. Diamond and Philip H. Typwick is known for developing the Diamond-Typwick model, which describes the phenomenon of so-called Bank panic.

– Currently, the banking sector is in good shape. The problem is that similar panic could arise in other sectors, Douglas Diamond commented on the current tense situation in financial markets after receiving the award.

– Financial crises can be avoided by creating more strict regulations, but the conclusion of our work is that it is better not to do it, because it will be at the expense of the liquidity needed by the system – Douglas said.

The most prestigious award in economics is established by the Bank of Sweden.

Bank of Sweden Award The Alfred Nobel Prize is awarded for the 54th time.

Bank of Sweden Award Alfred Nobel did not specify in his will that the Alfred Nobel Prize for Economics was the only Nobel Prize. The founder of the prize is Bank of Sweden, but the prize is awarded like any other by the Nobel Committee. Nobel Prizes.

Nobel Prize in Economics in 2021 David Card, Josh D. Angrist and Gudio W. Impens went on to “devise a method of more effectively interpreting the results of natural experiments”.

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