NiceHash Beats Nvidia GPU Crypto Mining Limits, And It Doesn’t Look Like A Scam

Nvidia has started releasing LHR (or “Lite Hash Rate”) graphics cards. last year To slow down the performance of cryptocurrency mining and make it less attractive to non-gamers. Late last week, the crypto mining platform NiceHash announce They have finally found a way around these limitations and have released an update to QuickMiner that promises full Ethereum mining performance on nearly all GeForce RTX 3000-series GPUs that support LHR.

Contrary to previous attempts To disable LHR protection, NiceHash’s solution seems to be the real deal — Tom’s Hardware He was able to confirm performance boosts Using QuickMiner and GeForce RTX 3080 Ti.

For now, NiceHash says that the LHR solution will only work in Windows, “with no Linux support yet.” NiceHash Miner, which is more flexible, does not include workarounds yet, although they will soon. NiceHash also says that the software wont Accelerate mining performance on newer GeForce cards that use version 3 of the LHR algorithm, a slate (for now) that includes the RTX 3050 and the 12GB version of the RTX 3080 but will likely grow with Nvidia’s release of new GPUs and updated revisions of older GPUs.

Miners have been trying to find ways to circumvent the limitations of LHR since its introduction. The first card to use LHR, the GeForce RTX 3060, was defeated by failed driver version from nvidia. Other solutions included Alternative flashing BIOSes Mining several cryptocurrencies on the same card.

But LHR solutions can also be too good to be true. Another group promised the drivers who defeated LHR in February, but didn’t do what they said they would and It ended up being full of malware.

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It remains to be seen if this opening of LHR has an impact on pricing or availability of GPUs. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices at recent days With rising interest rates and stock market turmoil, it has pushed investors towards safer bets. An Ethereum “merger” is also alleged, which will convert the coin from a mining-based “Proof of Work” system to a proprietary “Proof of Stake” system. A few months awayalthough this is the case for Several years now. At this point, buying a bunch of new GPUs to mine cryptocurrency, even with performance improvements and price increases, could be a risky investment.

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