“New York Times” about celebrating Moscow Day during defeat before Vladimir Putin

Russian propaganda bloggers covering the course of the war from the front lines now present a less censored picture. If the Russian army fails, the once high-level supporters exposed the flaws and lies, the American newspaper “New York Times” writes.

Due to the hasty withdrawal of Russian troops from the occupied territories in the northeast UkrainePresident Vladimir Putin He loudly opened a Ferris wheel in a Moscow park.

“It’s very important for people to relax with their friends and family,” he said.

TVN24.pl report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Is Putin “fine”?

“Even some of Putin’s loudest supporters find the contrast stunning. It highlights a growing rift between the Kremlin and staunch supporters of the invasion. For them, a retreat. Russia “Senior Russian officials seemed to confirm their worst fears that they were so concerned with maintaining normalcy in the country that they failed to deploy the equipment and personnel necessary to wage a protracted war with a determined enemy,” notes the New York Times.

“Is he OK?” asked a Russian propaganda blogger after Putin’s speech during a lavish Saturday celebration of the 875th anniversary of Moscow’s founding. “The Russian military doesn’t have thermal imaging cameras, bulletproof vests, spy equipment, secure communications, enough helicopters or first aid kits. Mr. (Putin – ed.) Organizing a billionth celebration? What’s wrong with you? Not at that time. A terrible failure.” – the blogger wrote.

Putin during the celebration of the 875th anniversary of Moscow kremlin.ru

Growing discontent

“The Fury of Russian ‘Propaganda Hawks’ Even if Putin manages to eliminate almost all liberal and pro-democracy opposition, there is still a risk of discontent on the conservative side of the political spectrum. So far, there is little sign that the ‘hawks’ will turn against him as a result of Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive, but analysts A willingness to publicly criticize the military leadership, they say, reflects a growing discontent within the Russian elite,” notes the New York Times.

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“Most of these (invaders) were shocked and didn’t think it could happen,” he said in a phone conversation with American newspaper Dmitry Kuznets, who analyzes the course of the military invasion of the independent Russian-language portal Meduza. “I believe most of them are really angry,” he said.

The Kremlin traditionally portrays failure differently. On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had “decided to regroup troops in the cities of Balaklia and Izium to increase efforts in the direction of Donetsk and achieve the goals of the special operation for liberation (liberation)”. Donbass“.

Ukrainian flag over the village of CzkaƂowsket.me/V_Zelenskiy_official

Ferris wheel

The day before the so-called “regrouping of troops,” the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it would “take measures to strengthen security positions in the Kharkiv region.”

“As officials in Moscow continued their holiday weekend, fireworks displays and state television broadcasts showed hundreds of people lining up to ride the new 140-meter-tall Ferris wheel. But on the Internet, Russia’s failures were fully visible, highlighting the surprising role pro-Russian war has played in shaping the war narrative. Bloggers played in. The Kremlin controls TV broadcasts and blocks access to Instagram and Facebook, but Telegram exists and is filled with posts and videos from both supporters and opponents of the war, “writes the New York Times “.

Ferris wheel “Moscow Sun” will be the tallest facility in Europe kremlin.ru

Battlefield information

Propaganda bloggers – as it turns out – disclose more detailed information about the battlefield than the Russian Ministry of Defense – and according to analysts, this underestimates the enemy and hides bad news from the public.

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One of them, Yuri Podolaka, who hails from Ukraine but has since annexed Crimea in 2014, told his 2.3 million followers on Telegram on Friday that if the (Russian) military continues to downplay its failures in field battles, Russians “will stop trusting the Defense Ministry, and soon the entire government.”

Balaklija released, people react to Ukrainian soldiers

Balaklija released, people react to Ukrainian soldiers TVN24

On Sunday, the Medusa Portal announced that the Ferris wheel had closed a day after its grand opening on Saturday. “Visitors who purchased tickets will be offered another day or a refund,” writes Medusa.

The Moscow Sun press service briefed journalists that the Ferris wheel was back in operation, but with restrictions, saying, “It was decided to divert the flow of visitors to other days to prevent emergencies due to the large number of people wanting to ride it.”

“The New York Times”, meduza.io

Main photo source: kremlin.ru

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