NATO summit in Washington. R. Sikorsky: Hungary blocks PLN 2 billion for Poland

Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski, who will attend the NATO summit beginning in Washington, said that for a year, Hungary has been blocking the refund of PLN 2 billion for military equipment we gave to Ukraine. The head of Polish diplomacy said the money would go to the “Armed Forces Modernization Fund”. He called Budapest’s move “hostile.”

The annual festival begins on Tuesday evening Summit on the 75th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Before launching it, the External Affairs Minister addressed the media Radoslaw Sikorskywho announced that one of the topics to be discussed Defense Fund of NATO Members.

Poland is an example. (…) He said that today we are spending more in the alliance.

Relations with Hungary. They block Poland PLN 2 billion

When asked about relationships with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government, brought up the topic Budapest Blocks Funding for Poland

According to him, “Hungary abuses our trust.” – What has been repeatedly communicated at all possible levels is that we are dissatisfied with this For a year now, Hungary has been blocking the refund of PLN 2 billion for military equipment we provided to Ukraine. – He added these by saying The money will “go to the Armed Forces Modernization Fund.”

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In his opinion, yes Hungary’s attitude is “hostile”.

shot down Russian missiles. “It’s not a title for supremacy.”

Media representatives also questioned The issue of shooting down Russian missiles flying from Ukraine. – This is not yet a matter of the summit, but an idea that will be discussed among allies – said Sikorsky.

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“Russian missiles are encroaching on our space,” the minister noted. – One of them fell 10 km from my house after flying through 2/3 of Poland – he said.

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However, he noted that their possible precipitation over Poland is related Danger to citizensSo only those who set it up should be shot down Threat to Polish airspace.

– This requires strengthening patrols over Poland within the circle of friendship – he added.

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