Morawiecki was asked if he wanted to distance himself from PiS Orban. “There is no need to close the eyes of the Hungarians” | Policy

Mateusz asked Morawiecki during a TVN24 press conference whether he congratulated Victor Orban on his election victory. He quoted a statement at the event The first scene The leader of Hungary and Fidesz mentioned Zelensky’s Volodomir during the election evening. Said Orban President Ukraine is part of the “great power” that his party fought in the election. Moravic did not directly answer the question of whether it was time to cut himself off from the Orphans. Instead, he began to talk about Germany’s role in preventing sanctions.

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Journalists were asked by the Prime Minister to comment on Orban’s victory and his statements about the President of Ukraine. “Germany is a major obstacle to tougher sanctions.”

Mateusz Morawiecki asked about Hungary: big countries brake operators

– No matter how anyone approaches Hungary, it should be noted that this is the fourth consecutive victory and the highest victory with a constitutional majority. Democratic elections must be respected, ”he said. “It does not make sense to close the eyes of Hungarians who do not see exactly what the situation in Europe is like,” Moraviki added. – In Europe, the situation is much simpler. You can see it in the Council of Europe. Anyone who reads the transcripts is well aware that Germany is a major obstacle to very strong barriers. Prime Minister Urban did not stop the sanctions, the big states were the main obstacles. Those who are afraid of their profession. Those who fear the consequences. Maybe they are afraid of something else? I do not know – said Moraviki.

Victor Orban declared victory in the election. “You can see them from the moon”

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Hungary continues to oppose sanctions on Russia for importing energy resources. – Considering that 85 percent of the gas in Hungary comes from Russia, we considered and rejected it. Oil That’s over 60 percent. Sanctions mean that the Hungarian economy will slow, and then, in a very short time, it will simply stop, Orban said at the end of March. His government also cut off arms supplies to Ukraine.

Kidawa-Błońska to Morawiecki: They are not democratic

Moraviki’s words about Fitzgerald’s success were widely commented on by opposition parties and journalists. “V. Orban destroyed the free media, took over the state, changed the electoral law. Prime Minister Moraviki reiterates that the elections in Hungary were democratic. No, Prime Minister, they are not,” said Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska from Civic.

“Prime Minister Moraviki talks about the democratic victory of Urban. All right – the government created according to the rulers, the public finances according to the rulers, the media according to the rulers. It is fair: this party must win, this party has won.” – Patryk Słowik commented from .

Donald Dusk: Champagne corks on the streets of the Kremlin and Novokrotska

Election results in Hungary were commented on by Donald Tusk, who supported the local opposition. – The result expected by many. There is no point in pretending that we know what elections will be like in Hungary. This situation in Hungary is different from that in Poland – at the behest of Hungary, the situation of political parties. It is sometimes hard to believe how Prime Minister Orban, who has largely erased the essence of democracy, including the free media and equal opportunities in elections, has raped democracy. Said the former prime minister.

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Dusk also quoted Orban as saying about Zhelensky. – A few hours after the announcement of the victory [Orban – przyp red.] He said one of his main opponents in this election was President Zhelensky, and that it was Ukraine. At the same time, President Kaczyński praised Orban and Hungary. I can only comment that today you can hear the opening of champagne corks on the streets of the Kremlin, Budapest and Novokrotska. This is a problem for us today, for Poland […] Even when Hungary supports Putin against Ukraine […]”Our rulers support little” Putin “in Europe,” said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Ryszard Terlecki has already congratulated him

The fact that law and justice do not want to change the course towards Hungary echoes the statements of other politicians in the ruling camp. Club boss Biz Ryszard Terlecki said it was a great success for Fitzgerald, and at the same time a reason for the happiness of the law and justice party, which has worked closely with this Hungarian group for many years. The politician added that he had already congratulated the winners.

Ryszard Terlecki acknowledges that the PiS has recently had critical comments on Victor Orban’s policy on Ukraine. However, the head of the PiS Club recalls that relations between Hungary and Ukraine were tense even before the Russian invasion. He says the latest cause of these tensions is the education law, which has deprived the Hungarian minority in Ukraine of the opportunity to maintain Hungarian schools.

Massacre by the Russians at BuxaRussia’s war crimes in Ukraine. Stunning photos and reports

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In Virtualna Polska, Vice President Marcin Presidax Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – Although we have some similarities with Czech and somewhat Slovakians regarding Eastern policy, there are differences with Budapest. If EU companies continue to put pressure on sovereign nations, it should come as no surprise that these countries are working together to reverse this pressure. In this sense, Group V4 […] The Deputy Minister said that they will cooperate in a proven form and in a completely natural way.

Order Sophon commented on the elections in Hungary on Radio Jet on Monday. According to the deputy finance minister, Orban’s victory satisfies the Polish right. “We are very happy when we win in Poland, and when the right wing wins in various European countries, there is no great joy, but there is satisfaction,” the minister said. And he continued: – In a democratic country – whatever it is – I am not shocked if its inhabitants choose what they want. This is the standard. Sophon commented that decision-makers have the right to choose as they see fit.

Fidesz won Sunday’s parliamentary election in Hungary. After changing 98.95 per cent, from election data. Victor Orban’s party won 135 seats in a 199 – member House, showing that the party has won a constitutional majority.

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