Micah Parsons: Odell Beckham expects to play in five weeks

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Odell Beckham’s visit to Dallas was followed by reports of Cowboys have fears The receiver’s ACL recovery has not progressed enough to ensure he will play before mid-January. Beckham, though, told the Cowboys player Micah Parsons He is expected to play within five weeks.

The regular season ends on January 8, which is just over five weeks away, with the next season beginning the following week.

He told me five weeks. Five weeks,” Parsons said, via David Moore of Dallas Morning News. “No coach, no doctor, no one can tell a player how to feel. It’s your body. It’s for anything. Any part of your body.” [that’s] injury. No one can tell you how your body will feel but you. If that’s what he says, I always believe him. If they say no, my body hurts, I can’t go. You have to respect that.”

The Cowboys recruited Beckham like no other team. Players campaigned publicly for him, and Dallas Mavericks fans showed him the love Monday night by chanting his name with Beckham sitting courtside alongside Parsons and Trevon Diggs.

“He obviously knew we wanted him,” Parsons said. “We just wanted to make him feel at home. There’s a lot you can say to a guy he doesn’t know. This isn’t college. I’m not going to feed him, ‘You’ll get the best education.’ I’m sure he knows who he has here. We wanted to make him feel at home.” The Dallas fans made him do it.”

Parsons said he got the impression Beckham wanted to play in Dallas after the free agent round that first took Beckham to the Giants and Bills. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones curbed enthusiasm for Beckham in Dallas, allowing him to “I’m not sure at allBy signing Beckham without seeing him train.

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