Media: Sergey Lavrov’s daughter flew to Georgia for her brother-in-law’s wedding

Air service between Georgia and Russia resumed on Friday. According to the report, pro-Kremlin politicians were on the first flight from Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport to Tbilisi.

It is not known whether the Russian foreign minister’s daughter was among them. Ekaterina Vinokourova-Lavrova. As Georgian opposition station Mtavari reported on Friday evening, a relative of the Kremlin politician arrived in Georgia for the wedding of his brother-in-law Alexander Vinokrov.

Lavrov’s daughter was about to fly to Georgia for the wedding

Mtavari analyzed photos posted by Vinokourova on social media, but also by her friends. The accounts were later disabled for some reason.

According to journalists, the wedding will take place in a historical region in the east of Georgia – Kakheti. Vinokourova’s brother-in-law was to organize the ceremony at a five-star resort on Lake Kvareli.

The media learned about the arrival of Lavrov’s daughter after a phone call to the luxury resort where he was staying.

Posing as a courier to deliver Vinokourova’s bouquet, they confirmed that the woman had gone to the hotel. As the Union Agency noted, the resort’s management later accused the media of misinformation and that there were no guests with that name. Georgian authorities have not yet commented on the presence of the Russian politician’s relatives in the country.

Meanwhile, as reported by Radio Svoboda, a demonstration is planned outside the hotel, and police units are on site.

Georgians protested again

Protests erupted with renewed vigor in Georgia after Tbilisi resumed passenger flights with Moscow on Friday.

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For civilians who survived the 2008 Russian invasion, the government move is yet another blow. During demonstrations at the airport in Tbilisi, Russian tourists were greeted with pro-Ukrainian chants and some recalled bloody wars, including the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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Western countries, including Ukraine, condemned the decision by the Georgian authorities. Tbilisi was threatened with sanctions, but the government ignored the warnings and maintained a pro-Russian stance.

The last mass protests in Georgia took place in March after pro-Russian politicians in the Georgian government proposed a law on “foreign agents” following Russia’s example. After several protests, the authorities gave up on introducing the regulations.

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