Lucas: Charleston Rapid Reactions – University of North Carolina Athletics

By Adam Lucas

1. After a much-improved second half, Carolina won a game very similar to last year’s game against College of Charleston, 102-86.

2. After scoring the first inning of one point, one rebound, Armando Bacot He was a different player in the last 20 minutes. He finished with 28 points and six rebounds. Hubert Davis The second half opened by going directly to Baku at the post. This seemed to get him on the right track, and he was a dominant force in the second half. Carolina beat Charleston 59-36 in the second half and hit 19-21 from a two-point range.

3. Carolina fired nearly 70 percent in the second half, doing almost everything better than they did in the first half. Carolina provided eight assists in 17 field goals in the second half, with the offense looking more in sync than ever this season.

4. Some great contributions from the bench on Friday night. This title was by some game-changing defense of Seth Trimble, who was part of a key sequence midway through the second half when he made an offensive foul and frustrated Charleston’s Gaylon Scott. Trimble’s defense was also remarkable Tyler Nickel a crime; The freshman is almost always looking to put points and has a knack for scoring that you’d expect from an all-time top scorer of Virginia. Bench inputs were needed, because the Bench Cougars put out 53 of their points.

5. Charleston’s Dalton Bullon caught fire in the first inning, scoring 12 points and celebrating by putting a dummy pistol into his holster. Unfortunately for him, that also caught the attention of Tar Heel’s defense. with black leaky Turning to Boulogne at the five-minute mark of the first half, he scored the remaining four points of the game. Black also provided an offensive spark, hitting a pair of three throws and going six-for-six from the field on his way to 15 points.

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6. Leaving the Burning Cougars near the first half the heels slipped seven points in the first half. Charleston has made 17 of his last 24 field goal attempts, nearly 71 percent. They also dominated the points in this inning, taking a 24-16 advantage. It was partly because Armando Bacot And the Nance’s house Going 1 vs 4 from the field, where the Tar Heels struggled to get anything going inside.

7. It was part of the first half that the visitors made ten more field runs than Carolina, and put in a whopping 50 points, and Carolina shot 50% from the field but was behind by seven. You won’t see that often.

9. The game was the first example of a rule change this year. Rather than the first example of flop as a warning, the first example is a technical blunder this season. Charleston hit one in the first half, allowing the tar heels to tie the score.

10. In the first half, the show honored Lenny Rosenbluth, who passed away this summer. Most of the Rosenbluth family were in attendance, as well as fellow 1957 rookie Patriots Tom Kearns and Joe Koig. Also among the crowd: women’s soccer legend Mia Hamm.

11. Play Tar Heels Again Without Buff Johnsonwho works his way back from a knee injury.

12. Smith Center’s second major rally in a row against a discreet opponent. The crowd was constantly boisterous at the game, led by the rowdy student division that arrived early and was impressive. They were rewarded with a Bacot home-cooked biscuit shot with 25 seconds remaining to put Carolina over the century mark.

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