London. Olena Zelenska: Ukraine needs victory

Speaking in the House of Commons, Zelenska compared Russia’s bombing of Ukrainian cities to air strikes on Britain. Nazi Germany during World War II. During the speech, he showed photographs showing the effects of recent Russian airstrikes.

– Your island was exposed to airstrikes by Russia, To bring us to our knees. Every day we hear sirens similar to those heard by generations of Britons. You didn’t give up and we won’t.

But she mentioned it Not all attacks are survived. “We don’t need only victory, we need justice,” Zelenskaya said: “I came to you for justice, because it will lead. The end of this battle.

He pointed out that residents of bombed British cities cannot accept that those responsible escaped accountability. – Ukrainians affected by Russian attacks deserve the same justice she insisted.

Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay HoyleAnnouncing the Ukrainian first lady’s speech, he said her visit should “reawaken us.” As he pointed out, England must avoid thinking that “the war is taking place in a distant land” and that “we are not affected”. – If Putin wins Other nations will be in his sight He insisted.

Earlier, the Zelenska Parliament building was opened Photo exhibition Depicts Russian war crimes in Ukraine. In a speech there, he emphasized that this shows only a small part of the atrocities taking place in Ukraine. More than 40,000 people have registered, he said. Russian crimes, but behind these statistics there are real people whose lives were taken or broken.

Exhibition titled “Russian War Crimes”. On display till December 9. Earlier, it was presented at Davos during the World Economic Forum, at NATO’s Brussels headquarters and at the European Parliament, and at the UN building during the session of the General Assembly.

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