Leaker ‘Pyoro’ closes account after claiming its source works for Nintendo

Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo Direct leaker “Pyoro”, who has been linked to several subtle Nintendo-related leaks over the past year, has apparently shut down his Twitter account. This comes after the publication of a story by Bloomberg correspondent Jason Schreier The leaker stated that their source works for Nintendo.

After the story aired live on Friday, June 21, Pioro acted surprised by the information being shared publicly After speaking to Schreier in a direct message. Sharir He responded He added in a post on social media, saying he had made the terminology “crystal clear.”

Peoro: “I didn’t know they would include my answers in their report.”

The Bloomberg report details a “backend theory” circulating online, which noted that “previous Pyoro leaks included all the games that were scheduled to go live on Nintendo’s website once they were announced” and speculated that the leaker would somehow ” Gain access to Nintendo’s web backend.

In the case of the recent live stream, Nintendo didn’t have any “pre-rolled webpages” to reveal new surprises ahead of schedule, and Pyoro presumably didn’t expect there to be that many big announcements. Although the leaker was apparently aware of several unannounced video game projects before they were officially revealed, they claimed that they did not know exactly how their source obtained this information.

Jason Schreier: “I’ve reached out to Pyoro to try to get clarification on this matter. Via direct messages, they told me that their source works for Nintendo of Japan, ‘but I’m not sure how they got their information’ and that ‘the backend theory is a hoax’. Fair guess.”

There is no concrete evidence associated with Pyoro’s claim that their source works at NCL (which is Nintendo Co. Ltd, the main Japanese company of which Nintendo of America is a subsidiary).

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Pyoro’s “X” account has over 100k followers, and their leaks point to multiple Nintendo announcements ahead of schedule, many of which were well publicized and eventually announced. Shortly before the recent Nintendo Direct and reveal of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, Pyoro tweeted that they had heard from an unverified source that a top-to-bottom Zelda might be shown.

Bloomberg also notes how another leaker may have already stepped in to fill Pyoro’s position:

Shortly after the Nintendo Direct ended and Pyoro was called out, posters on ResetEra noticed something strange. The previous night, an account named AdaWong wrote: “I’m betting on a top-down LoZ game starring Zelda and a new Mario and Luigi title… Their brotherhood is so creative as You know” – a message that seemed clear after the announcements The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdomstarring Zelda, and Mario and Luigi: Brothers. And so the cycle continues.”

After gaining a large following thanks to the accuracy of Nintendo Direct information, it appears that Pyoro’s run has come to an end. If we hear any developments or updates, we will inform you about them.

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